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What the LORD is doing...

A special note from BIB co-founder Dov Schwarz

Dear Blessing Israeli Believers Friends and Partners,

We continue to pray for and stand with Israel through this critical time of war. We have learned that one of the best ways to bless Israel at any time—especially now—is to bless Israeli believers in Messiah Jesus.

Whether in Jerusalem, Ashkelon in the South near Gaza, Tel Aviv and Netanya on the coast, or in the Golan Heights where missiles are flying in daily from Hezbollah in Lebanon—our Israeli brothers and sisters in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) are there! And they are praising our Savior Yeshua, helping Israelis in need in Messiah Yeshua’s name, and even fighting in the war defending the Promised Land!

Psalm 121:4 Behold, He who keeps Israel, Shall neither slumber nor sleep.

One thing we can know for sure—our Savior Jesus is watching over Israel right now. Prophetic scenarios are unfolding right in front of us! We have a front row seat, if you will, to things the prophets wrote about some 3,000 yrs ago. Thankfully, we are not just bystanders and observers. No, we are to be active participants who are watching, praying, and supporting Israel as the world increasingly and quickly is uniting against Israel. To make sure we are thinking rightly, let’s review Bible passages to remind us of how our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit think of Israel.

Speaking of the Genesis 12 covenant passed down from Abraham by the God of Israel to Isaac, and then Jacob whose name the LORD changed to Israel:

“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

“Then you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘Thus says the LORD: “Israel is My son, My firstborn. So I say to you, let My son go that he may serve Me. But if you refuse to let him go, indeed I will kill your son, your firstborn.” Exodus 4:22,23

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122:6

“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.” Romans 10:1

Update from Ariel & Shayla - Tree of Life, Israel

We’ve all been hearing a lot about the war in Israel, but we want to share with you significant things you probably haven’t heard in the news that are going to change the course of history.

‍Increasing Openness to the Gospel
Many people are so focused on the things of this life, that only when they’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death do they start really thinking about why they’re here and where they’re going.

We’re seeing this happen right before our eyes: Since the war broke out on October 7th, we've been seeing an openness to the Gospel among Israelis even in places where intense strongholds existed.

By God’s grace, our recent video about how to find eternal hope in the midst of this crisis has now reached over three million views in Hebrew alone. Israelis from many different backgrounds have contacted us, ordered New Testaments, and several have come to faith in Jesus, Yeshua.

‍An Astonishing, Miraculous Event
A pre-army training school also contacted us and what happened there was nothing short of astonishing. In the past, we shared with a similar group, but they constantly interrupted us and some even aggressively objected to the Gospel.

But this time, these Jewish and Arab soldiers-in-training were soaking in every word, and even taking notes! We could really sense God’s Spirit filling the room. And we were surprised to see how thirsty they were for the truth. They asked genuine questions to understand the Gospel in more depth, including wanting to understand exactly how to receive forgiveness through Yeshua’s work at the cross!

As if that weren’t enough, since we also shared testimonies of healing, the manager of the program announced that even though the time for our talk was up, everyone could still come up to receive prayer!

And Yeshua miraculously healed every single person who came – they even called others from outside to come in and be healed! They even said they’d recommend us to another pre-army program! Praise God!

Fulfilling His Promises to Bring His People Home
‍Another thing God is doing during this war is that He’s stirring Jewish people’s hearts to come back home to Israel. The massive increase in anti-Semitic attacks and statements around the world is causing many Jewish people to realize that even with all of Israel’s problems and trials, it’s still the only place they can really be at home.

Compared to this period last year, about five times as many people from France and double as many from the US have submitted applications for immigration to Israel recently.

Look how God is fulfilling His beautiful promise: “He who scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him as a shepherd does his flock”. Jeremiah 31:10.

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