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What the LORD is doing...

An Encouraging Update From Dov Schwarz Co-Founder Blessing Israeli Believers

Our Adonai Yeshua (Lord Jesus) has taught me something about His grace and mercy that is full of His presence in these difficult times. Oh, please hear this: His presence will overtake the darkness and discouragement of these times! That "something" is "grace giving" directed where He is powerfully and prophetically working.

Sea of Galilee

I could give you so many examples, but here is a simple one that helped me sleep with a smile on my face recently. I was getting ready for bed-it was late and I had just glanced at a very difficult headline in the Jerusalem Post. The sad article, which was no fun to read just before going to bed, stated that about 50% of Israelis do not know how they are going to make it financially because of the Corona Virus economic downturn.

Truly, what the Lord did then turned my frown-upside down! I found myself asking Abba Father in heaven a question and I believe I was asking by the fullness of the PRESENCE of His Holy Spirit through Messiah Yeshua. As I was putting on my pajamas I looked up and asked Abba if there was any Israeli believer in Messiah Yeshua I needed to help beyond our normal monthly support we had already given.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. (Galatians 6:10)

I was asking our Heavenly Father about someone in the household of faith here in Israel who He knew needed help so that I could be an agent of His love, grace, and mercy for them. We Israeli believers are so thankful for the warmhearted Christians who love Israel-and most here would not mention this-but often times Christian support to Israel leaves out the Israeli believers in Messiah Jesus. Again, we are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support for Israel-but we also believe like the Scripture above states-that it is best to start with the support of believers in Messiah Jesus.

Well, back to my testimony. I went to bed and was half asleep when my wife nudged me as she was reading a recent email on her phone she had not seen. The email was from a precious Israeli believing family who really needed financial help. We know them, they are very special people, and we have not been in contact with them for a while. As I listened to my wife read the email I was immediately reminded of the prayer from just minutes earlier. I told my wife with a rejoicing smile on my face of my prayer and our opportunity to be involved with some provision at the hands of our Savior Yeshua!

That night I did not go to sleep with the sadness of a bad news article - I went to sleep with the good news of Messiah Jesus! And remember something, many of you reading this article are just as involved in this grace and mercy from our Savior for this precious believing family as we are here in Israel! And maybe you have not done so yet, but you can begin to prayerfully and financially join us now in Blessing Israeli Believers.

One more thing before you hear from Helen-the wife and mother of this family who sent my wife the email requesting assistance. You should have heard her voice when I called her the next day - Oh what rejoicing in our Savior King Yeshua! She and their entire family were so thankful to our Lord and also for you who are agents of His grace and mercy!

An update from Helen & Eldad living in Israel

Dear Blessing Israeli Believers,

On behalf of my family I would like to thank Blessing Israeli Believers for blessing our family with much-needed financial aid during the Coronavirus pandemic these past few months. Your generous support has enabled us to provide for our family during this crisis. I would especially like to thank Dov for hearing and acting on God's answers to his prayers!

We are a Messianic Jewish Believing family living in Israel. We have four children, with miracle baby number five due in September! Six years ago my husband Eldad contracted a virus that attacked his peripheral nervous system, a condition that leaves him unable to walk without aid. Eldad continues to experience pain and is still walking with a leg brace. But we have seen an improvement in his health, and he is recovering.

In September 2016, we were the first-place winners of the First Fruits Business Plan Competition. We invested our fantastic cash prize into founding our business Lily-Pops. We produce 100% all natural frozen pops. We are a small family business with a very big heart. Over the past four years we have overcome numerous challenges. However, while the world around us remains turbulent, we keep trusting in the Lord because He is our strength.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic which caused complete lockdown from March 2020, Lily-Pops launched an on-line, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign. In April and May 2020, Blessing Israeli Believers very kindly reached out to our family and asked if we needed help during the lockdown. We were so grateful to receive funds from Blessing Israeli Believers. The Israeli economy has suffered, and we have noticed that our on-line sales have drastically slowed down. Despite our healthy business attitude and passion to succeed we are struggling to keep our business up and running and provide for our family.

On behalf of my family, thank you so very, very much for always walking with us, for praying for us and for loving us as your family in Yeshua. Thank you for supporting Blessing Israeli Believers, your kindness and generosity has touched our lives in so many ways!

We thank God for His Goodness and His provision and for using everyone at BIB and BIB's supporters for reaching out and blessing our family.

In Messiah's Joy, Helen and Eldad and family

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