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Blessing Israeli Believers exists to bless and uniquely empower Israeli believers in Yeshua to be the Shining Light to Israel and the Nations of the World.

SHARE THE HOPE by partnering with Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ,
to save as many Israeli babies as possible from abortion in Israel.
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Dear friends and supporters of Blessing Israeli Believers,

Thanks so much for being a part of the wonderful crop of new babies this year at Be'ad Chaim. 180 babies came into the world who may never have been born without the grace of God and the help of friends like you! Through your generosity to save babies, through Blessing Israeli Believers Pro Life, you played a critical part in the survival and care of these precious children. Your donations helped to provide baby beds, strollers, bath tubs, sheets, diapers, formula, clothing and countless other necessities through our sponsorship project. A vast majority of our new moms are very poor, living on less than 00 a month. They are unable to pay bills and don't have the resources to provide adequately for their new babies. Your generosity makes it possible to help them practically by providing these needs.
Just today, a young 29 year old mother, pregnant with her third child, told us that she and husband live with his mother in a small apartment. They share the bedroom with their two children. Their monthly income is very low and they have many debts. She had been considering abortion in this 12th week of pregnancy. I asked her what she thought about abortion: "I think that it’s a shame because it's kind of alive, kind of has a soul and it would be a shame to take its life, but I don't see how we can manage with another child." When we told Zelda that we'd help her through our Operation Moses project with all of her baby's needs for a year, she was deeply grateful and relieved. She agreed that the baby isn't KIND OF ALIVE, but is REALLY ALIVE!
You, Blessing Israeli Believers Pro Life partners, make it possible for us to offer Zelda, and hundreds like her, the help and hope that they so desperately need.
I can't thank you enough for being a vital part of this work.
With much gratitude,
Sandy Shoshani
National Director
Be'ad Chaim Association- Israel Prolife
Blessing Israel Believers currently partners with Be'ad Chaim—a national non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the the mother and the unborn child. It began when several Messianic believers and Christians took note of the very high number of abortions in Israel.
In the early '80's , these believers began praying about the situation, realizing that every fourth pregnancy was terminated by abortion. They believed, as we do today, that the fullness of God's blessing on our Land will not be realized until we stop the atrocity of the shedding of innocent blood.
In 1988, Be'ad Chaim officially became a non-profit organization recognized by the state of Israel. Offices were opened slowly around the country over the years, and today we are national. We have saved babies from Kiryat Shmoneh in the north to Eilat in the south. Actually, the Eilat office is our newest office and opened this year. Already three babies have been saved there.
Sandy Shoshani has been the director of Be'ad Chaim since 2005. She is the mother of 7 and has a passion for saving the unborn from abortion. Her husband, Oded, is the pastor of the Hebrew meeting at King of Kings Assembly. The Biblical verse in Proverbs 24:10-12 persuaded her to do something active, practical and powerful to save lives: 10 If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength! 11 Rescue those being led away to death;
hold back those staggering toward slaughter. 12 If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?
Sandy believes that it is the responsibility of each believer to respond to the Word of God according to God's direction in their lives. She was not able to remain passive about abortion when she realized that babies are the heart God, and He grieves at the loss of each little one.
Be'ad Chaim is grateful to each person who chooses to partner with us to save the lives of the innocent babies in Israel.
Each year, an estimated 40 thousand babies are aborted in Israel.
BenTzion would have been one of their number.His mother, a new immigrant trying to establish a career in Israel, found herself pregnant and recently divorced. Here is her story:
“I was deep in debt from searching for work. I was scared, alone,and having a rough time with the idea of having a child while unmarried. My friends said it was normal to find a clinic or talk to a helpline to hear what my options are. When I called the pregnancy helpline, I immediately felt comfortable. My reassuring counselor helped me make the decision to raise the child alone. From about six weeks into the pregnancy and until the birth I called her with all my issues... When the stress of being unemployed and pregnant intensified I knew I was not alone... This gave me unbelievable strength. With the security of knowing my baby would have clothes, a bed and all the items I could never provide on my own, I felt dignity and hope - I knew my baby would not lack what he needed.
After my son was born, I arrived home from the hospital to be greeted by volunteers who brought me the gifts that gave me such confidence to continue onwards.
After my son was born, I arrived home from the hospital to be greeted by volunteers who brought me the gifts that gave me such confidence to continue onwards.On the 8th day after his birth, in an ancient synagogue in Jerusalem,
I named my son BenTzion,(Bentzi for short) which means “son of Zion”. I feel blessed every day to have a son in Zion. May G-d bless you on behalf of all you do for babies like Bentzi.“
Since 2005, Be’ad Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) has been helping women like Bentzi’s mother make life-honoring choices with the help of a special project called Operation Moses.
Operation Moses aims to remove financial obstacles from women who would otherwise abort their child. Through this unique program we provide:
Baby supplies for each new mother that she will need immediately after the birth of her baby such as a baby crib, carriage, bath, and changing table.
Quarterly delivery of appropriate baby clothes.
Monthly provision for ongoing baby needs such as diapers and baby formula.
Monthly support group meetings for moms who have chosen to keep their babies.