Blessing Israeli Believers History

Brother Dov is an American/ Israeli Believer who is a Co-Founder of Blessing Israeli Believers with John McTernan. Dov’s born again Jewish mother named Yehudit moved from America to Israel in 1984. Having worked with the founders of Be’ad Chaim (Israel Pro-Life) she was a pioneer of this work and had close relationships with many Israeli Believers in Messiah Jesus. When Dov’s mother moved to Israel there were about fifteen hundred Israeli Believers. Today there are approximately fifteen thousand. Dov was initially introduced to Israeli believers through his mother and these relationships spread throughout Israel. His mother went to be with the Lord from Jerusalem in 2011.

It was through these incredible relationships with many Israeli Believers that the Holy Spirit quickened the prophetic Scriptures to Dov of the significance of the Israeli Believers in Messiah Jesus for this final hour that ushers in the coming of our great Savior!

During the Feast of Tabernacles in 2004 John McTernan joined Dov on a trip to Israel to travel throughout the Land meeting and hearing from Israeli Believers. Dov’s mother approved of John McTernan as a friend and ministry partner which is big stuff if you know anything about Jewish mothers! John, who is a very accomplished author in Bible Prophecy, was beginning also to hear from the Lord of the significance of the Israeli Believers. He experienced life changing encounters in Israel.

One day in the Galilee Dov, John, and one of their Israeli partners, who is a pastor, had an experience that brought home a sobering fact. While many Western Christians love Israel (and for that John and Dov are very thankful) they have all but forgotten or never really considered the Israeli Believers. Due to this oversight, millions of Christian dollars are transferred into the hands of unbelieving Israeli organizations, some of whom even persecute our brothers and sisters in Israel.

A quote from John McTernan as he explains an incident in the Galilee:

During this trip, we met with a well known Israeli rabbi. We found out that he was friendly to Christians but despised Israeli believers in the Lord. A few days later, while in the Galilee we became friendly with a small tour group from the United States. We asked them what was the highlight of their tour and, to our amazement, they said meeting with the rabbi, who despises believers, and learning the Bible from him! They were so blessed that they took up a special collection for him.

At this time, we were with an Israeli believer and were astonished that this group took a collection for this rabbi, while so many Israeli believers need financial help. We felt the obligation to make Americans aware of the needs of Israeli believers and to bless them.

In 2009 the Holy Spirit made clear to Dov and John that they were to establish a new ministry for this new hour in the history of humanity. The Holy Spirit clearly gave John the name: Blessing Israeli Believers! Through the prophetic word of God, they realized that the Israeli Believers are a sign and a wonder, an instrument of Israel’s preservation until the coming of Messiah Jesus, a conduit for fulfilling the debt that the churches in the nations owe to Israel, and a light to Israel and the nations just before the coming of Messiah Jesus (Isaiah 8:18, Romans 9:27-29, Romans 15:26,27, Acts 3:20,21)! They began to realize that the best way to bless Israel is to Bless Israeli Believers In Messiah Jesus!

Blessing Israeli Believers is an apostolic, prophetic, end times ministry. It is Apostolic because The Apostle Paul spoke very clearly about the Israeli Believers (Romans 15:26,27, Romans 9:27-29). It is prophetic because this ministry is set in the context of the prophetic Scriptures being fulfilled regarding the Jew’s return to their ancient homeland while being surrounded by their enemies (Psalm 83, Zechariah 12, Ezekiel 36-38). Blessing Israeli Believers is an end-times ministry because of this glorious reality: KING MESSIAH JESUS IS COMING!!!

Blessing Israeli Believers exists to uniquely bless and empower Israeli followers of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to be the shining light to Israeli and the nations of the world!