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What the LORD is doing...

Dear Blessing Israeli Believers Friends In The Nations,

For many years I have heard about this very special minister in Israel. His name is Dov Bikas. He has been serving our Messiah Yeshua in a very difficult ministry in Israel. They reach into the most sin infested cultures of Israel—street ministry, drug addicts, and prostitutes. We are thankful and blessed that Dov Bikas is now one of our Blessing Israeli Believers partners in Israel!

What he does is the real “roll up your sleeves” hard work of loving and trying to help those who are in the most desperate of circumstances. Dov also pastors a congregation in Israel. In this introduction to him—he is asking for prayer regarding a matter that is troubling their congregation as it is made up of Russian and Ukrainian disciples of Messiah Jesus. So, please meet Dov and Olga Bikas.

Many Blessings,
Dov Schwarz

A word from our new BIB Partner, Pastor Dov Bikas:

Dear praying friends and partners, shalom!
I would like to dedicate this month’s update not to our existing projects, but to certain ideas about the future of our church and ministry. But first I will say a few words about –

The war in Ukraine and its influence on our congregation
Even though I was born and spent my early childhood in Lithuania (which was also once part of the Soviet Union), today I truly mourn over what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. Olga and many members of our congregation have relatives and friends who are in the war zones or have become refugees that lost everything in one day.
When the war had just begun, I also immediately realized that in our and other Israeli congregations there would be conflicts between Russian-speaking believers – those who arrived from Ukraine and those who are from Russia. And so it happened indeed. Some believers took one side and some another, started arguing with each other and forgot about the unity the Lord is calling us to keep.

Please pray for the situation in Ukraine and for our and other Israeli congregations to focus more on practical help to the suffering and the refugees than on political debates.

Thank you for all your prayers and care and may God bless you all,

Dov and Olga Bikas

"For we are God’s masterpiece, created in the Messiah Jesus to perform good actions that God prepared long ago to be our way of life" (Eph 2:10)

Update & Prayer Requests from Ariel & Shayla, Haifa Israel

As the world watches in horror at the brutality and loss of innocent life taking place in the Ukraine, it can sometimes be difficult to see where God is in the midst of it all. But God is using what the enemy meant for total destruction to stir Ukrainians to seek Him like never before.

By God’s grace, our video about overcoming fear with Ukrainian subtitles has now reached 20 million views! Our sister in Ukraine who’s working with us, Inna, has been responding to thousands of comments, private messages, and phone calls – sharing the Gospel in more depth with these precious people, and sometimes even finding ways to connect them with people who can help them practically.

One young lady who has cancer and her mother contacted Inna after watching the video. During the conversation, she opened her heart to God and accepted the Messiah! Praise God! Now she has someone to rely on in this perilous time.

Another man, Yevhen, wrote from Kyiv, asking for help. He said he couldn’t stand the military nightmare and wanted to die. Inna prayed for him and he felt better. It turns out he’s Jewish! They’ve been in touch for more than two weeks, and have been writing back and forth on a daily basis – talking a lot about God, the Scriptures, and salvation. Yevhen realized his need for a Savior and began to pray and read the Bible and discuss the Word with Inna in more depth. Praise God for how He is shining His light even in the valley of the shadow of death! Just recently, Inna told us her city was fired upon and several rockets hit the local refinery. She said that the fire started consuming residential buildings and smoke was enveloping the area. Please pray with us for protection for her and all the people of Ukraine, and also for many more salvations!

Thank you for your prayers for Olga from the Ukraine and her children who are here in Haifa. They came to the congregation on Shabbat and had a wonderful time.

Afterwards she asked, “What does it mean to receive Yeshua into my heart?” Our Ukrainian-Israeli friend Ahuvyah and I had the privilege of sharing the whole Gospel with her, including what it really means to repent, trust in Jesus, Yeshua, and follow Him in every part of our life. Olga said now she understands what she needs to decide, and she needs more time to think about it. We encouraged her to read the Gospels and she said she would.

Olga also said that based on the last test, her son’s cancer isn’t spreading anymore, and was so grateful for our prayers. Please pray for complete healing for him, and that Olga and all the rest of the Ukrainians that we’re interacting with here in Haifa will decide to really give their lives to the Lord.

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