Welcome To Our Endorsement Page!
We don’t want to just share our enthusiasm! We would like you to hear what others are saying about Blessing Israeli Believers!

We pray you will hear their heart and what the Lord might be saying to you about His end-time plan which is centered around Israel, Jerusalem, and the Israeli Believers!

Marty Goetz
Messianic Christian worship artist talks about helping the Israeli Believers. Marty has been called the Modern Day Psalmist and has a wonderful gift in music and a talent for leading us into the throne room of God!

Paul Wilbur
Integrity Music recording artist, the founder of Wilbur Ministries, and best known for the song “Days Of Elijah”. Paul shares his thoughts about the “Kingdom” work being done through Blessing Israeli Believers. Paul is also the executive director for the IMJA (International Messianic Jewish Alliance)

Pastor Jeff Johnson
Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Downey California shares his thoughts about Blessing Israeli Believers during an evening banquet event to “Bless Israeli Believers”. Pastor Jeff shares about the importance of the BIB ministry model (Romans 15:25-27) and the need to help the believers who are doing kingdom work there in the land of Israel.

Dr. Mark Hartman
Pastor of Sugarcreek Baptist Church in Sugarland, TX (a suburb of Houston, TX). Dr. Hartman shares about his passion for Israel, the Jewish Israeli Believers, and for the work that Blessing Israeli Believers is doing to help the Jewish saints.