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What the LORD is doing...

Update from Dov Bikas - Aviv Ministry, Tel Aviv

Amanda’s Story

Amanda*(not her real name) was born into a pastor's family, but at some point in her life she left the Lord. When and how this happened, we do not know, but when we met her and tried to find out what she believed in, she replied bluntly: “l am not religious.” We also learned that Amanda* was a highly educated woman and earned very good money in her homeland. On the day we met, however, her financial situation was very difficult. She had no money at all (even for food), she and her little daughter had nowhere to live, and she could not work, because she was not an Israeli citizen.

Amanda* came from the USA to Israel about 4 years ago to visit her Israeli boyfriend who she became pregnant from. She hoped to marry him, but soon she learnt he was a totally different person than he seemed to be when they first met. He started insisting that Amanda* had an abortion, and when she refused, he began to threaten her. She went to the police who realized she was in real danger. She was sent to a special shelter where she lived for a while. (It always amazes me that when a woman is in danger, the criminal who threatens her remains on the couch watching TV, while the woman with her children has to leave everything behind and wander from shelter to shelter…) We do not know why Amanda* did not return to her homeland while still pregnant. Maybe she hoped that the child's father would change and they could eventually live together.

Amanda* gave birth, and soon afterwards she ultimately realized that the child’s father was a horrible, cruel abuser. (These men are very good at pretending, so it sometimes takes quite a long time until the woman understands who she is dealing with.) She wanted to run away from him, but in order to take revenge on her, he hired a lawyer and forbade his child from leaving the country. Amanda* hired a lawyer too, and a very long court process began… During this time, Amanda spent all her savings and was practically left with nothing. Emotionally, she was completely broken as well. (Right: Amanda & daughter)

Amanda* lived in our Shelter for eight days only, but for her this time was very significant. Firstly, in just a few days, she received the permission to leave the country together with her child. Amanda* did not expect such a quick solution and connected it with her moving to the Shelter and our prayers. She clearly saw God's hand in it. Secondly, she was very touched by the care and warmth she experienced in the Shelter. Literally in just a few days, due to (the Hand of the Lord) a peaceful and safe atmosphere and good nutrition, Amanda* began to recover both physically and emotionally right before our eyes. But what impressed me the most was that Amanda* suddenly started quoting Bible verses and applying them to herself. This made me understand that she was returning to God! Please pray that God would strengthen her faith and keep her and her little daughter safe and blessed in their homeland.

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for the visitors of our outreach center in Tel Aviv, that they would take the decision to leave the street life and go to rehab centers.

2. For all our rehabilitants in Beersheva - for the salvation of those who have not repented yet and for the spiritual growth of those who have.

3. Pray for the ladies in our Women’s Shelter – that they would get to know the Lord and His love and get restored emotionally, physically and spiritually.

4. For Eduard’s ministry among the new immigrants – he keeps in touch with hundreds of newcomers who turn to him for help and consultation, organizes different humanitarian and social events, sharing the Gospel of God’s love with everyone who is willing to listen. Pray that the immigrants seek and find their Lord and Messiah!

5. For the staff and leaders of all our projects, that God would give us all health and strength, as well as great love and wisdom to deal with each complicated case and help each needy person the best way.

Thank you for your care, support and prayers, and may God bless you all abundantly!

Dov and Olga Bikas and Aviv Ministry team

An Update from Hava, Aliyah Praise & Worship

Thank you so much for supporting me in the Praise and Worship Aliyah Project through Blessing Israeli Believers!

By the grace of G-d I have just completed my first year as an Olah Chadisha (New Immigrant) living in Israel. Every day seems like a miracle! It is amazing to see the Hand of the L-rd moving on behalf of His people. I am so grateful to have been able to help the local believers with practical work and help encourage new believers in their walk, and develop key relationships throughout the community at large. During this year I have also been blessed to continue playing concerts for holocaust survivors often and lead or co-lead worship every week at a local fellowship.

I have also been able to continue my Hebrew studies in Ulpan (language school for new immigrants.) With this new improvement in my language skills, by the grace of G-d I have had wonderful opportunities to share the good news of Yeshua with Hebrew speaking passengers in my car.

For this reason, I lovingly have dubbed this very used 2008 Subaru the “synagogue on wheels!”

Thank you again dear friends and may G-d bless you abundantly!!!

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