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What the LORD is doing...

Update from Janet in Haifa:

Good morning from Israel, "Blessing Israeli Believers"!

Again, I thank you so much for your sacrifices and generosity of support to help each one of us whom God has called to live and work for His good pleasure in Israel. (Oh my gosh, this November I will actually have lived and served in Israel HALF OF MY LIFE!!! 33 years!!! Wow, where does the time GO??!!) Life is expensive here, and wages and pensions are not nearly enough to make ends meet. Your help is truly powerful!!!

I continue to work at Ebenezer Home for believing, born again Jews and Arabs. I enjoy some very lively and anointed fellowship with everyone there. I have come to notice that no one who works or lives there remains the same! Every staff member, every volunteer who comes and goes, every resident, we are all deeply changed by the work of God in our lives! I have come to understand that God uses this place as a "potters wheel" for each one of us! I have grown spiritually so much in the last 3 and a half years working at EH, and my character trimmed, hammered, burnished and polished. I am amazed that I am not at all the same person I was when I began there, and we all impact each others lives in powerful ways!

We are in the middle of a rapid building upgrade by order of Home Front Command, by putting in strengthening steel beams and new doors in various doorways in case of bomb blast or earthquake. It would seem our governing bodies find these threats so imminent that re-licensing will be based on these upgrades! yikes!

Well, again, thank you all profoundly, and God bless all of you individually in your own personal needs and requests! Please pray for my Jewish husband to have a personal revelation of Yeshua, the true Jewish Messiah and that he would have a personal relationship with Him! Time is running out FAST!!! The Lord's coming for His Bride is imminent!!

I hope to see you all soon together with Him in the air!!
Even so, come Lord Yeshua!!

Update from Ezra & Shulamite in the Golan:

It is always a blessed time when we gather together with the Holocaust Survivors. In light of all their questions about the different events happening around the world today Pastor Dov taught from Matthew chapter 24. It was an eye open experience for all in attendance followed by a time of questions and discussion.

Praise & Prayer
We want to introduce you to Shulamite’s aunt Asiah who was the first family member to immigrate to Israel. Shulamite’s mother, Esther was 8 & Asiah was 11 years old when these two young girls were separated from their family during the Holocaust. They survived by living in the forest and being taken in by local people. Needless to say they suffered many difficulties. We were privileged to have Esther live with us until her passing a few years ago and now we are privileged to have Asiah live with us. She will be 92 on Sept. 1, please pray for her.

Update from Ariel & Shayla in Haifa:

Jewish man from Jerusalem received His King
Samuel* from Jerusalem contacted us recently and said that after reading about Yeshua online he began to believe in Him, even though he didn’t fully know how to explain why yet.
Our team member Daniel asked if he had already prayed to repent of his sins and receive Yeshua as his Messiah and Lord. He hadn’t yet, but said he would like to right now!
He had some holes in his understanding of the Scriptures, the Messiah, and the Gospel, so Daniel and Eliel shared more with him. He said he was hungry to learn more and that these truths filled his heart. He really wants to grow, and was excited to receive a New Testament and connect with a local pastor for discipleship.
His wife and family still are not believers, so please pray for courage for him to stand in his new faith, and that he and his whole household would be saved!

Ultra-Orthodox Jew with extremist ties interested in Yeshua
Mordechai*, an ultra-Orthodox Jew from a very religious neighborhood started talking with us about Yeshua in March.
After some great conversations about the Gospel with several of us he wrote, “How I long to be in touch with you regularly! But I can’t because I can’t let my wife know that I’m interested in the New Testament and Yeshua. So I’m going to delete all of our chats each time so that she won’t see it.”
But his desire to know the truth won’t let him stop pursuing Yeshua. So just a few days ago, he asked, “Where in my religious village can I get a New Testament? I need a small one that I can hide. Tell me where, and I’ll go get it immediately!” So we connected him with a pastor in a nearby town and 40 minutes later he was already there, met the pastor, and received the New Testament!
Later, we sent him a link to a worship song that was recorded at a Messianic conference. He asked in response, “Wait, was that the event where ultra-Orthodox extremists beat up the Messianic Jews?”
When we responded that it was, he sent a picture, showing that one of his own family members was part of the extremists group that was physically assaulting followers of Yeshua! He said, “If I were to just become secular, my family could accept it. But if I say I believe in Yeshua, they could destroy me!”
Please pray that especially as Mordechai reads the Scriptures, God would continue to reveal His Son to him, and that he would make the courageous decision to follow Yeshua no matter what the cost.

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