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What the LORD is doing...

Update from Ariel & Shayla, Tree of Life, Israel

Yael contacted us, and as our team member Kim answered her questions, Yael began to open up and share how broken she is. Yael is 29 and grew up in a completely dysfunctional family. She suffered abuse over and over, and ultimately both her parents left her and her two younger siblings.

Yael was stirred with deep emotions about the war: “How could God allow such evil things to happen to us?”. The conversation went into deep topics like free will, sin, and the Gospel, and God opened up Yael’s eyes to see His love and compassion even in the midst of suffering.

Yael poured out her heart, “Ever since I met you and have been speaking with you, I’ve felt that there’s something right and true here. I never felt that as I was growing up as a traditional Jew. And I want what you have.”

But still, she felt that because she’s had such a sinful lifestyle – she’s not worthy of God. Kim comforted her with the words of Jesus himself:

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance”
(Luke 5:31b-32)

Yael responded, “So what do I need to do?” They answered that all she has to do is repent of her sins, commit her life to Yeshua, and receive him as Lord.

Yael was just about to start to pray, but then suddenly there was a huge rush of wind and noise, since a helicopter was hovering over them. So Yael started shouting out her prayer, confessing her sins and crying out, “Yeshua, please forgive me and come into my life.” She even forgave her parents, and started to weep. She said, “I feel totally different now.” For the first time, she was set free from all the bitterness and guilt and shame. Praise God!

Yael and Kim are continuing their connection as she begins her discipleship journey, and Kim was so glad to hear Yael say, “I want Yeshua more than anything or anyone else in my life. I just want to come and be filled with God.”

Update from Ima’s Goodies

Swords of Iron
These past six weeks we have experienced every emotion available to mankind. The amount of threats against Israel and the 242 hostages are constantly on our minds. The state of Israel was drawn into a war on our Gaza border and now fighting has been going on with our northern border with Lebanon. Those of us that live in the middle of the country are feeling it from both sides.

The amount of sirens and booms felt in the land has been horrendous...and yet we read all throughout Scripture... "Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov- Give thanks to the Lord for He is good". It is so hard to see this now at the present, with my eyes on what is going on around and YET in my spirit, deep down in my Kishkes (inner being) I KNOW this to be true. We are bombarded every day with the knowledge of the loss of lives and what seems to be like the hopelessness of those around us…yet this is where we come in and bring the Love of Yeshua to so many. We are not just talking soldiers, but we are also sharing with so many around us. Everyone knows someone that is fighting, or families, besides the hostages that have lost loved ones. We are learning to mourn with those who mourn and listening to those who have a story to share.

Wonder what we are doing? or where we are going? Someday’s I am so crazy busy that I myself wonder how I will get this all done. So many people from our congregation and friends have stepped up and come together to help so we can take care of our soldiers. I have never in my life bought so many t-shirts, underwear, cup of noodles, or granola bars, not to mention Coco-Cola and other drinks.

In living in this land for 40 years I have never felt such a clearer understanding of my call to Israel, I am honoured that God would allow me to live during this time in this land and serve Him here.

A Word of Praise & Prayer from Ezra, Golan Heights

Through Blessing Israeli Believers generous donation we continue to distribute our monthly food program for Holocaust Survivors/Veterans. We were also able to financially come alongside a couple in Ashkelon whose home was damaged by a missile from Gaza.

Please continue to pray for Israel and for our team that prepares and delivers meals to soldiers. Wisdom for our political & military leaders as they move forward to free the remaining hostages & eliminate the threat of Hamas.

We are entering week 9 of Swords of Iron war with Hamas in the Gaza strip. By the grace of God many hostages are returning to Israel. As difficult as this time has been it has softened the hearts of the people towards the God of Israel.

It has been a blessing to encourage our troops on the northern border feeding, and fellowshipping with them. Including those suffering with PTSD from the battle, and male and female troops rotating from the battle including young adults from our Fellowship. A member of our Kehilah, a professional masseur, even went on a local base and offered free massages.

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