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What the LORD is doing...

A Note From Co-Founder Dov Schwarz

Just like there were special women of faith in the Elohim (God) of Israel in times past, certainly the Lord has women with the same kind of faith in Israel today! They are Israeli believers in Messiah Yeshua—two of whom are giving updates in this letter. Aren’t you encouraged that our Savior is the same yesterday, today, and forever?

Both of these precious ladies are serving our Savior in Israel during this critical generation. It is a time of shaking, sifting, and uncertainty. Yet, with unwavering faith they are joyfully standing in the midst of this turbulence with confidence in the Captain of our Faith. Be blessed and encouraged as you read—and in your spirit even hear—from Sandy of Israel Pro-Life and Chava from our Blessing Israeli Believers Aliyah Praise and Worship Project.

In His service, Dov Schwarz

Praise & Prayer updates from our BIB Partners:

Update from our Aliyah Praise & Worship Ministry

Shalom from Israel!!! I’m writing to thank you so very much for supporting me through your prayers and your donations to Blessing Israeli Believers/ Praise & Worship - Aliyah project! My apologies that this letter is coming to you so slowly. Getting settled here in Israel took a bit more doing than I expected.

Praise G-d, it is going very well here. I am seeing G-d’s hand move so often here on behalf of His people, Israel! Hallelujah!!! I have been involved with several concerts for Shoah (Holocaust) Survivors with Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov and other ministries in various towns including Zichron Ya’akov, Nof HaGalil, Cesarea, and Haifa. I have had the privilege to lead or co-lead worship at least once a week here in Zichron Ya’akov and in other Israel locations. I was honored to get to play the opening worship set with Carolyn Hyde for a Women’s Conference near Nazareth. I had the honor to have played a praise and worship concert in Jerusalem with the Ruth Fazal, the renown composer and violinist/pianist/vocalist.

Also I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting weekly with my friend, Joshua Aaron to help him work out “guitary things”. Joshua is such an anointed worship leader with a global platform for Yeshua, and to be able to support his work in this way is a huge blessing for me.

The L-rd has even opened a door for me to minister to certain “pre-believers” through the vehicle of jazz music. To sum this up, it’s been a very busy three months since I got here!!! I am so grateful that you helped make this possible by your prayers and support! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much!!! Todah Rabah!!!!

May the L-rd continue to bless you and keep you in His grace, provision, and protection.

Blessings and love from Israel, Chava

A Word from Sandy,
Be’ad Chaim – Israel ProLife

One of our mothers who is a foreign worker received baby furniture and a monthly gift card to purchase baby essentials through our Operation Moses Project. Deeply grateful, she sent this note:

“I’ve been in this country for 11 years and no one has ever helped me. I still can’t believe your amuta (nonprofit) is doing this.”

Her note brought tears to my eyes because foreign workers are often “unseen” or looked down upon in our society. Like the babies in the womb who are “unseen” and are sadly considered merely “bunches of cells” and “objectified”, foreign workers, refugees, the poor, young girls on the streets and many others on the “fringes” of society are invisible to other people.

Yet God sees each one as precious in His sight. God has His eye on the little sparrow and cares greatly for the people whom He has lovingly created in His image. Our goal at Be’ad Chaim is that every person, no matter what their situation, knows that they are valuable, whether it be the preborn child still in the womb, the poor, the needy, the destitute, or those who are rich in finances but broken in spirit. Our goal is to love all in need and to help them in a practical way. Thank you for your part in showing God’s love, for we are “compelled by the love of God.” May He fill your hearts with His love.

We have renewed our bus advertisements for another quarter, expanding our advertising to the side or rear of 330 buses across the country. The sign offers help to anyone in a crisis pregnancy or who has experienced reproductive loss.

Blessings, Sandy


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Romans 15:26-27 For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor saints which are at Jerusalem. It hath pleased them verily; and their debtors they are. For if the Gentiles have been made partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister unto them in carnal (material) things.

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